Science of DoodleFace!

Find out how DoodleFace can help children's development!
Ocular Development
Research shows that high-contrast, black & white imagery helps babies' eyes develop as they scan, track, and fixate. DoodleFace wall décor features black & white designs and fun shapes that make a perfect fit for any nursery.
baby/toddler looking at high contrast DoodleFace dry erase wall art
Fine Motor Skills
child coloring DoodleFace dry erase wall art developing motor skills
Research shows that coloring on large vertical and horizontal surfaces can improve fine motor skills, spatial awareness, core strength, posture, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and more! DoodleFace provides all the fun and benefit of coloring on the wall without the mess.
No More Boring Walls!
Kids are tired of boring walls, that's why we draw on the wall under them. Psychologists have stated that children's rooms that are colorful, support their imaginations, and stimulate creativity and self-expression are essential for the development of a healthy individual.
kid snoring in front of boring wall
Own Your Space
As kids grow, so do their personalities. Having freedom and ownership of their space helps with developing personality, independence, creativity, and self-confidence. DoodleFace makes any space truly unique, with a cast of over 400 awesome characters that can be changed out easily.

Want to know more? Read our research paper outlining the findings that back up the benefit of DoodleFace on kids' development.

graphic of research papers