Why DoodleFace?

DoodleFace is what kids really want on their walls!
Color, Erase, Recolor
It's Dry Erase - So you can color, wipe with a damp cloth, and recolor for endless fun! It snaps on and off the wall, so color it on the wall, at the table, or even the floor! Dry erase crayons mean you don't have to worry about smearing or making a mess.
DoodleFace with one hand coloring and one hand erasing
They're Huge!
DoodleFace is unlike any kids décor with its larger-than-life size, allowing plenty of surface for your kids to color and get creative! Just one DoodleFace character can transform your space like you've stepped into a coloring book!
Thick, Durable, Recycled
DoodleFace characters are thick, sustainable (made from 90% recycled content), and durable enough to last for generations. When mounted they stand proudly .3" off from the wall, giving them more dimension than traditional wall decals.
Doodling for All Ages
Tired of plain old, regular white boards? Use DoodleFace to spruce up your space and write your lists, schedules, or ideas on! Or maybe you love to relax with some coloring - DoodleFace is a coloring book that never runs out of pages, and is great for all ages.