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Pixel Rectangles Set | Huge Dry-Erase Decor | Sturdy (Not a Decal) Snaps On/Off Wall

Power up with this kickin' Pixel Rectangles Set ✦ It’s endless play and the ultimate wall décor ✦ Color it with DoodleFace Crayons (sold separate), erase with a damp cloth ✦ Snaps on & off the wall for coloring & play ✦ Pair it with the controller, gaming, pixel or over 600 other DoodleFace Characters ✦ Incredible for your Young Kids, Teens, Bedrooms, Play and School ✦ Dimensions: Pixel Rectangle 1: 21.4" x 17.3", Pixel Rectangle 2: 17.3" x 8.8", Pixel Rectangle 3: 13" x 17.3", Pixel Rectangle 4: 17.3" x 17.2", Pixel Rectangle 5: 8.9" x 25.7" ✦ video game, gamer, pixels ✦ Patent pending. Made in small town USA
What Kids Really Want

Before DoodleFace

After DoodleFace
Color, Erase, Play

Crayons don't smear like markers
Giant, Thick, Quality

Standing eye-to-eye with kids!
For All Ages

Newborn to Infant
DoodleFace decorates walls beautifully as black and white (even before kids are old enough to color it). Research shows that high-contrast, black & white imagery (DoodleFace) helps baby's eyes develop as they scan, track, and fixate.

Toddler & Young Kids
Kids love to pick their own DoodleFace characters, then play, draw on, and interact like they stepped into a coloring book. Research shows that coloring on large vertical and horizontal surfaces (DoodleFace) can improve spatial awareness, core strength/posture, and hand-eye coordination.

Older Kids
Doodleface is what kids really want; allowing fun, sophisticated (not a sticker), personalized (not a framed picture) walls.
Snaps On & Off the Wall for Coloring & Play
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