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Attaching Your DoodleFace is Easy!

What are you mounting your DoodleFace to?

Adhesive Strip


  1. Clean the wall with a cloth and rubbing alcohol, then dry.
  2. Remove backing from Adhesive Strip.
  3. Press Doodle against wall in desired location, pushing directly over Snap Mount for 40 seconds.
  4. Keep your Doodle up for 24 hours so that the adhesive can bond.

Anchor & Screw


  1. Remove Snap Mount from Doodle Snap.
  2. Place foam ring, adhesive side up, into the Doodle Snap.
  3. Push Doodle on wall, then pull away. Place in desired location and push directly over mount. Foam ring should stay stuck.
  4. Mark center of foam ring with a pencil and remove foam ring from wall.
  5. Screw Anchor into wall on pencil mark until flush with the wall.
  6. Attach Snap Mount to wall Anchor using screw as shown.
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