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Dry-Erase Crayon 10 Pack + Eraser Cloth

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These huge, color-rich dry-erase crayons can solve so many frustrating issues kids experience when using dry-erase markers. Unlike dry-erase markers, DoodleFace Crayons don’t smear, smell, dry out, or get all over clothing & hands during use.

DoodleFace crayons lay down beautiful, rich colors and shading that stays on DoodleFace characters or other dry-erase surfaces, even when touched. This allows colored dry-erase DoodleFace characters to be handled and played with without mess. Time for cleanup? Easily wipe away your DoodleFace Crayon drawings with the wet microfiber cloth that is included for you with this crayon pack. Yes, the crayons can be "dry-erase", but wiping is so much easier with a little water. 

What Kids Really Want

Before DoodleFace

After DoodleFace
Color, Erase, Play

Crayons don't smear like markers
Giant, Thick, Quality

Standing eye-to-eye with kids!
For All Ages

Newborn to Infant
DoodleFace decorates walls beautifully as black and white (even before kids are old enough to color it). Research shows that high-contrast, black & white imagery (DoodleFace) helps baby's eyes develop as they scan, track, and fixate.

Toddler & Young Kids
Kids love to pick their own DoodleFace characters, then play, draw on, and interact like they stepped into a coloring book. Research shows that coloring on large vertical and horizontal surfaces (DoodleFace) can improve spatial awareness, core strength/posture, and hand-eye coordination.

Older Kids
Doodleface is what kids really want; allowing fun, sophisticated (not a sticker), personalized (not a framed picture) walls.
Snaps On & Off the Wall for Coloring & Play
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