Large Book Set| Dry Erase Decor & Toy | Sturdy, Snaps On/Off the Wall – DoodleFace

Large Book Set | Huge Dry-Erase Decor & Toy | Sturdy (Not a Decal) Snaps On/Off Wall

Children Adore This Large Book Set ✦ It’s endless play and the ultimate wall décor ✦ Color it with DoodleFace Crayons (sold separate), erase with a damp cloth ✦ Snaps on & off the wall for coloring & play ✦ Pair it with the book, castle or over 600 other DoodleFace Characters ✦ Incredible for your Nursery, Toddler, Young Kids, Teens, Bedrooms, Play and School ✦ Dimensions: Large Book 1: 24.9" x 20.6", Large Book 2: 28" x 20.6", Large Book 3: 25" x 22.5" ✦ Shelf, writing, storybook ✦ Patent pending. Made in small town USA

Color, Erase, Recolor.
 with DoodleFace Crayons

DoodleFace Crayons lay down beautiful colors that stay and don't smear, even when touched. This allows colored dry-erase DoodleFace characters to be handled and played with without mess. Wipe away with the eraser cloth to color again.

Dry-Erase Crayon 10 Pack + Eraser Cloth

Snap On & Off the Wall for Coloring & Play

One side of the snap stays attached to the wall with an included Command Strip or your hardware. The other side of the snap is on the back of the DoodleFace character. Unsnap so you can color it on the floor or table (unless you want to color it while on the wall).

Solved: Walls Decals, Pictures or Paintings

Kids normally don't want the pictures, paintings or decals that adults hang up. That's why they draw under them. Solution: DoodleFace allows kids to take ownership of the space, express themselves, and love their walls. Yes... it also normally stops kids from coloring on the wall.

100% Happiness Guarantee

You can't go wrong... unless you don't bring it to your kids and you miss out on the smiles, love, and adventures DoodleFace brings. Full 2-year Guarantee; if your kids don't like it or they break it (very hard to do), send it back for a full refund or replacement.

 Trendy Decor & Toy, Loved by All Ages


Newborn to Infant

Black and white DoodleFace beautifully decorates walls, even before your baby is old enough to color and play. Research shows that high-contrast, black & white imagery (DoodleFace) helps baby's eyes develop as they scan, track, and fixate. As your baby gets older, DoodleFace grows with them into their toddler room.

Toddlers & Young Kids

When not snapped to the wall, your toddler takes DoodleFace on play dates and coloring adventures. It's likely their favorite toy, and the decor that makes their room feel special and loved.

Older Kids & Teens

Your older kids love the unique self-expression and personalization of DoodleFace. Wipe and recolor, rearrange between wall snaps for a room make-over.